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Popular Girls Beach Bugs - A Jenn Audiobook

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Popular Girls Beach Bugs - A Jenn Audiobook
Running Time:
19 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot, crush, shrunken, shrunken woman, shrunken man, vore, shrunken,
Description :     When Jenn and the girls take some time off to enjoy the beach they find some shrunken people. It turns out Jenn's brother and his friends were playing with her size remote and got themselves stuck at their new tiny size. The girls realize who they're stepping on, but by then something else catastrophic has happens... Jenn's brother Ed shrinks her down too!

Tiffany and Becky are pretty imposing friends when they're towering overhead. Will everyone get back to normal size or is Jenn in for a bad day on the beach?

So it's official, Popular Girls and FantaSize take place in the same universe!

This is an audiobook read by Eclipse!

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