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Tempted - Caught in my shrinking trap SFX 4K

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Tempted - Caught in my shrinking trap SFX 4K
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Tags: Special FX, Sound FX, Feet, Soles, Crush, micro, ALL SFX, GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS, UNAWARE GIANTESS, FOOT DOMINATION, CRUSH, FOOT FETISH Keywords: mistress tempted, shrinking, special fx, barefoot, feet, toes, soles
Description :     Tempted is dressed in yoga tights. She walks into the room barefoot and notices nobody is home and stands and wonders. At this point there is a 1 cm tall tiny at her feet standing between her heels which is actually her little cousin that has mysteriously shrunk and is trying to get her attention. She stands confused with her arms crossed and taps her foot next to the tiny a few times until the ball of her foot comes hovering over the tiny and gently flattens him without crushing him, he is firmly pressed into her soles.(glass crush along with alternate angles) She walks over to the couch and places one foot over the other and at this point we see the tiny stuck to her foot begging for attention while shes is on her phone unaware. After a few cries for help she finally hears what appears to be "tiny screaming" coming from her foot and finally takes a look. She peels the tiny off her sole and takes a closer look and notices it was her little cousin. She peels him off her sole and then the mistress asks for an explanation and it turns out the Mistress had placed a shrink trap on her room door and he just so happened to be the one to open it in hopes of taking a whiff at her shoes in the closet for pleasure. After the mistress is aware of her cousins perversion towards her feet, she is outraged and swears that her feet will now not only give him pleasure but make him go through hell. She places the tiny on the table and puts her feet up. She commands that he climb all the way to the top of her big toe and then drop to his knees and kiss her big toe while he is atop it. She then scrunches her toes and the tiny is seen hanging for his life from the nail of her big toe as she scrunches her wrinkly soles and tells him how all it would take was a wiggle of her toe for him to drop.(She proceeds to do this). As the tiny falls on the table she gets closer and tells him to prepare for the next challenge. She places the tiny on the floor and stands up. the tiny is between her feet in awe at her massive size and the mistress just taunts him a little by showing him her wrinkled soles and asking him if he likes it or what not. The mistress then tells him to lay on his back as she hovers her toes above his body. She tells him to masturbate as she wiggles her toes over his body and counts down for him towards the end. As the tiny cums he shrinks down to only half a centimeter because of the orgasm and the mistress just laughs. She picks him up on her thumb and tells him how he's useless at this point and should be disposed. She taunts him by lowering him in her mouth as if she is going to eat him, but then after getting a taste discovers he doesn't taste good and she should stick to the original plan of crushing him. She places him on the floor and slowly hovers her foot back and forth taunting him. She eventually lifts her foot way up high as she points her toes and slowly bring it down crushing his puny body into a red blip!

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