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A Mothers Burden

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A Mothers Burden
Running Time:
7 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, Unaware, Booms, Shakes, Sandals, Vore Tease, booty, shoes
Description :     Blondezilla is your mother who just came home from work. She's wearing heels or sandals, casual clothes. She's carrying a handbag and talking on the phone with a friend. She doesn't notice you on the ground, her footsteps booming and voice echoing. You try to stay out of her way. She's talking about her tiny son. How troublesome he is, how she's almost crushed him or sat on him. How hard it is to take him places if she doesn't have pockets. She walks over once, explaining that he needed clothes so she makes him wear cheap rubber doll clothes. Or that he's easy to punish or ground. She begins stripping down to a bikini (gold if possible). She says she just threatens to swallow him or stuffs him into her shoe for an hour. Another time she went for a run with him in her leggings but that was an accident. She bends down, butt to the camera picking up the clothes. She says one time she caught him watching internet porn so she dropped him in the toilet and threatened to flush it. He stands up and notices him on the ground. She says goodbye to her friend and hangs up. Saying "there you are young man" as she pins you under her slowly descending sandal. She picks you up, raising you toward her face where she says how cute you look in the little doll clothes. She says after all that talk she thinks you might be too much trouble. She says she should just swallow you. She then proceeds to tease you, opening her mouth wide and lowering you in and then laughing several times slowly. Surprised she then ssees you like it she laughs at that. Exclaiming that she's your mother, laughing a bit more. She slowly starts to lower you into her handbag and says you're going to the pool with her and you're going to put on your mother's sunscreen.

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