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Blonzilla makes you her Stress Toy

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Blonzilla makes you her Stress Toy
Running Time:
30 Minutes

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Tags: pov, crushing, smushing, booty, feet, hands, vore
Description :     Hey Gary, I'd like a 30 minute custom POV clip where I'm shrunken down and used as a stress toy. For the model, Blondzilla As for the script, I get shrunken down by my girlfriend (can you have them use my first name) because they had a stressful day and want to de-stress. So they basically just step on, kick around, mash in their hands, breasts, sit on, mash between thighs, etc (not necessarily all of these but just some possible suggestions) while describing a stressful day. Then at the end they realize they accidentally went to far and the shrunken one is pretty badly hurt so they decide to swallow him.

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