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Bella Ink Slow shrink and tease, 180 3D 4k

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Bella Ink Slow shrink and tease, 180 3D 4k
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: VR 180, 3D, Bella Ink, Feet, Booty, Cleavage, ass, pasties, hand held
Description :     Bella Ink Shrinks you and teases you with her feet, hands, boobs and ass. She kisses you several times which how you shrink Stand up to watch this and be amazed at how cool the 3D effect is. Technical: This is 4K h264 which is compatible with most headsets and VR setups. If your app does automatically do it choose (Side by side 180 stereo) Might be called Left/Right 180 depends on your app This video is tested to work on PC with GOM player but it plays in 2D on PC not 3D. for 3d you need a proper VR headset for phone or PC. Google Cardboard is cheapest way.

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