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VR 360 A Tiny Town In My Living Room

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VR 360 A Tiny Town In My Living Room
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: giantess, vr 360, pov, foot fetish, city, crush, houses, butt, ass, feet, Loryelle
Description :     Giantess Crushing Buildings Look at that, a tiny town on my living room table. I love to play with those tiny buildings. The most people stay inside of their homes when they see me coming, as if that would be a safe place. Haha! Except of this little guy named Brian. He’s outside and he has to watch while I play with all those little buildings around him. I rub my titanic butt over the roof of a tiny building and take another building to massage my panty covered pussy with it. Mmmmh! That makes me horny. Tell me Brian, do you know who lives in this white building? Your mom? And she’s at home? Should I spare her tiny live? Awww! Sorry that doesn’t matter. I’m going to crush it, while you have to watch. You simply can’t do anything about it. Hahaha! CRUSH! Is that little red house your home? Think I’ll crush that next. CRUSH! Think you’ll need a new home then, but none of the left builings seem to be suitable for you. Now I have an excellent idea. My panty shall be your new home. Yes! I think I’ll stuff you into my panty. I enjoy it when those tiny people squirm. Don’t miss this sexy vr 360 giantess experience! vr 360 At the mercy of a giantess In this giantess vr clip I show you my beautiful bare feet, my sexy butt and panty in exciting close-ups. Two buildings get destroyed under my giantess slippers, while you are close to them. Please note: This VR 360 video requires a special virtual reality media player software, such as the free VLC player (they’ve added a zoom funktion. If the clip look pixelated you need to zoom out using your mouse wheel) or Go Pro VR Player for your computer. For a real giantess experience a virtual reality headset is strongly recommended.

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