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Completely & Utterly Mine - SFX Epic

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Completely & Utterly Mine - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, toes, dirty feet, shrinking, ground shakes, pov, shrunken woman, crush, vore, in-nylons, micro, butt crush, toenails
Description :     Olivia Rose is the perfect girlfriend.

She loves her Successful boyfriend so much, and she's even into fulfilling his kinks just to keep him happy. he got a major case of foot-fetish, but she don't mind using it to drive him crazy. there's only one problem: he is a photographer and a dancer, and that means that he is being around plenty of other women. that drives her nuts and fuels the corrupting fire of her jealousy.

One day, she finds hi diary and discover that he got some secrets he never shared with her! shocking as she is, an idea forms...combining this new piece of knowledge with her being a genius might be the solution to EVERYTHING...

It's been a while since my last Epic SFX, and I'm very glad to come back with a new one like this. Olivia Rose is simply amazing, and this film contains tons of hot action! expect:

foot fetish


dirty feet


ground shakes/booming sounds

SM/SW (shrunken women)

crush (butt, finger, toes)

Vore (sw)



special effects and sound FX

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