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Wanting to be squished

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Wanting to be squished
Running Time:
13 minutes

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Tags: pov, Body Explore, feet, cleavage, kissing, crush, hand held, Keri Spectrum
Description :     Wanting to be squished Daniel is dating Keri but it has always been his fantasy to shrink down to an inch tall and be crushed. Keri has known this for awhile so she finds Daniel shrunken down and is shocked that he actually did it. She doesn't want to crush her boyfriend Daniel so she has little conversations with him (no words from the guy but something like "Daniel, why would you want to be crushed? It'd be so painful." wait a few seconds for his silent response "It doesn't matter, this is really what you want, huh?") She decides to try and convince him why he shouldn't be crushed by giving him a tour of her body, letting him play on her body, kissing him a lot, etc. After all of that, she still can't seem to get him to change her mind so she does like the above where she talks to him a lot to try and figure out what the best way to squish him will be body part wise, then she does it after giving him a kiss and telling him she loves him. (I like being surprised on the

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