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Giantess Roller Coaster

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Giantess Roller Coaster
Running Time:
17 Minutes

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Tags: pov, Keri Spectrum, hand held, vore, cleavage, body explore
Description :     Giantess Roller Coaster Have you ever seen the Iron Giant? The scene where the boy has the robot spin him around like a rollercoaster? I thought that could be cool for a giantess clip. No name on this one cause it wouldn't make sense. The camera would start on some surface where the giantess would bend down and welcome the tiny on the Giantess Roller Coaster. She'd lay down some safety ground rules as to what not to do so the little tiny doesn't get hurt. Then she'd move the person around her body, making whooshing noises and moving the camera all over herself, mashing him in places too and putting the tiny in her mouth, etc. At almost the end of the ride, the giantess would accidentally hurt the tiny. She would immediately end the ride and be concerned. She's never had this happen before. She really doesn't want to lose her job. She decides the best way to deal with this is to get rid of the poor hurt tiny. After thinking of a way, she does it but she's sorry and feels bad the whole time.

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