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Vika in Reluctant Giantess

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Vika in Reluctant Giantess
Running Time:
40 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, 60FPS, Vika, vore, crush, City Attack, booms, shakes, shoes, booty crush, army attack
Description :     Story: The model plays a woman who mysteriously became enormous and is hiding from the army that is hunting her down. She should initially be very playful/nice to the people in the city so they don’t call the army, but eventually get annoyed when the military arrives and launches a surprise attack. She should then enjoy easily wiping them out (to her own surprise), and decide to have fun/get payback with the town by stepping on cars/eating people and ultimately leveling it.

Effects: just simple booms and shakes from her footsteps(no need for green screen story or anything complicated)

-POV scene where she plays cat and mouse (playfully inviting it to fly closer) with a helicopter and catches it so she can destroy it/prevent it from turning her in -Scenes where she catches and destroys jets that attack her -Scenes where she crushes tanks that come to stop her -Good number of handheld POV vore scenes 1080p 60FPS

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