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Megan Jones Devours Husband

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Megan Jones Devours Husband
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: orarephilia triggering dialogue, clear mouth and tongue teases
Description :     This clip includes: vorarephilia triggering dialogue, clear mouth and tongue teases, upclose belly shots & a swallowing ending with endoscope uvula exposure... It is your wedding night with Megan, and to say that you are excited to "finalize" the union of your marriage this evening would be an understatement. Being traditional, you have been waiting for this moment for quite sometime; your eyes captivated by the sight of your beautiful wife as she stretches out upon the hotel room bed and reccounts her special day. In truth, you would do anything and everything for her; so you do not hesitate when she tells you that her truth desire for your honey moon is to do something "kinky". Wanting to please her an explore with your new wife, you allow her to tie you up with rope. This doesn't come as much of a shock to you as Megan has always spoken of things that excite her that other's might turn away from. Though you do become nervous as her eyes begin staring upon you as though you are a piece a meat... and rightfully so. As it seems that your wedding night may become your last, as you learn the true character and plots that your wife has been concealing all along. Which are far, from "humane".

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