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Ashley Wildcats Cooking Class

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Ashley Wildcats Cooking Class
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: VR, FEMDOM POV, VORE, MOUTH FETISH, AMAZONS Keywords: ashley wildcat, hannah perez, giantesses, vr 360, vore, amazon
Description :     Ready or not, Ashley and Hannah are coming for you. You're helplessly sitting in the toaster oven awaiting your fate. They find you in this little game of hide and seek and pull you out. These giant women are hungry for a delicious little man such as yourself. This is foreplay for them as they anticipate their tasty treat. They put you on the counter top and hover over you, sizing you up and down. They tease you and salivate at the very thought of being able to cook you to their liking and devour you. Then they put you on the floor and stand above you in their giant heels threatening to stomp you with them while exposing their panties in a nice upskirt view. Deciding they'd prefer you in full form, they pick you back up and rest you on the counter again. They sprinkle salt on you and lick it off, getting a preview of this impending delight. They comment on how little your itty bitty man parts are, coming in close for a good look. A few more mouth tours before they put you back in the oven and begin heating you up. YUM!

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