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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date SIX – Boots of Doom SFX

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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date SIX – Boots of Doom SFX
Running Time:
11.5 minutes

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Tags: loryelle, giantess, boots, boot domination, boot slave, boot crush, boot worship, giantess boots, giantess crush, crush, crush fetish, leather boots, boot worship, footwear, shoes
Description :    

Boot Worship and Crush - A Tiny Man's Fate

After a short break it was time for another date. Bill, is the lucky one! We meet in my flat and take a seat on my couch. We start to talk and I give Bill a kiss. But his reaction annoys me. He tells me, that I kiss like his little sister and that is not exciting enough for him. So I decide to make Bill the most exciting date he ever had.

I shrink him down to a size of 1 ½ inches. Now he has to serve me as my tiny slave. I grab tiny Bill with my gigantic hand and put him on the table, where I also place my feet. I wear my old black leather boots with high heels. Now I force Bill to worship my titanic black boots. He has to clean them with his tiny hands and his little tounge. As I realize that Bill is not useful as a boot worshipper, I leave the couch to stand on the table.

Now the real excitement starts for little Billy. He has to dodge the heels of my giantess boots while I step on the table and perform a quick dance. Poor Bill is full of fear. He begs me to stop my evil game and let him stay alive. He promises to pray to me as his giant goddess. I tell him that I think about it, if he polishes my big old giantess boots with his tiny tounge and hands again.

But I am not satisfied with Bill’s performance. So I stomp on the table with my heavy boots several times. I nearly crushed tiny Bill. After I realize that it makes me hot, to see the tiny guy begging for his worthless life, I decide to crush him. I get off the table, while Bill is still on on it. I step with one foot on the table and let my gigantic boot hover above puny Bill.

Finally I crush poor Bill with my mountainous boot several times. A red stain on the table is all that is left from my date.


Loryelle's Dating Diary

This is the sixth chapter of a series, called "Loryelle's Dating Diary". Every episode has special fetishes in focus.

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  • Date TWO - barefoot
  • Date THREE - nylons
  • Date FOUR - panty entrapment (including body exploration)
  • Date FIVE - butt crush, bare feet, nylon feet, in-shoe-crush in high heels
  • Date SIX - boots
The list for next dates: vore, belly crush, socks, hand crush, if you want to add something to this list (no nudity), just let me know. ;-)

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