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Vore Tutor

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Vore Tutor
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Description :     Reagan has been your tutor for quite some time now, as you all have had sessions three times a week for the past two years. You have always had the hots for her, finding her to be one of the hottest women you've ever layed your eyes on. Her eyes, her figure, you've payed attention to every detail of her and have long been captivated. That's why when you answer the door to greet her one day, your eyes can't help but lock onto her stomach which seems to be quite larger; and you had just seen her yesterday!? It seems overnight she has doubled in size. You try to remain focus on what Reagan is saying as she is acting entirely normal, but your eyes can't leave her stomach. Appearing to become self conscious as she catches sight of you staring, Reagan explains that she is merely a little bloated and pushes for you all to begin the session. Taking a seat on the couch she begins going over some math problems with you, when suddenly you swear you begin to hear something fill the room. Muffled screams? Reagan chuckles and rolls her eyes at you as you bring up the notion, claiming you to be clearly hearing things. It's not even possible! However your eyes look towards Reagan's stomach watching for movement as she continues going over the problem, but the muffled screams become louder. Now, you are certain that they are coming from Reagan's belly which causes you to jump back in fright! Reagan then puts down her pen and deeply sighs. Perhaps she should have waited until her last student was properly digested before venturing off to her session with you... are the only words you hear before she grabs a pillow and smother's it into your face. When you awaken Reagan is strapping you up across your bed, hovering ontop of you. Although she isn't hungry in the least, having just had a meal, it seems her only choice now is to have another...

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