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Keri Spectrum in Caretaker Massacre

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Keri Spectrum in Caretaker Massacre
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: Crush, vore, booty crush, boob crush, Keri Spectrum
Description :     In the future, half the population has mysteriously shrunk to near micro size. At less than half an inch tall, the tiny people have been forced to find ways to survive. Fortunately, a majority of the "giants" have been caring and friendly and the best chance for survival was for tiny people to find a friendly giant to live with. While most friendly giants would take care of anywhere from 10-20 tiny people, Keri's reputation as one of the best caretakers has caused her group to grow past 50 tiny people. What they didn't know is that this was all part of her evil plan and she has been setting up a mass extermination, which has been one of her fantasies ever since the shrinkings first started happening.

Keri has called a meeting and the 50+ tiny people have congregated on the floor. Keri walks towards the group slowly, wearing a pair of high stiletto heels and a sexy outfit. She starts to circle the group, slowly getting closer with every pass. At first, she's talking to them somewhat nicely...talking about how small they are, how scary the world must be...but she starts teasing a bit more, talking about how tall her heels must look, how big she must look, how powerful she is compared to them. As her heels start coming right next to those on the edge of the group, she reveals her plan and tells the group of people she is going to Exterminate them all. She teases them how they can try to run and she would easily catch up to them. She says "fee, fi, fo, fum" a couple times as she circles the group. Before she starts her massacre, she stands above them with one foot on either side and says something along the lines of "fee, fi, fo, fum - time for all of you to die." (this intro should hopefully only take the first ~25% of the clip time)

She proceeds to go through the entire group (I love Keri's personal style and would love for her to really own the character of an evil, sadistic giantess living out her fantasy of exterminating a large group of tinies. She takes her time and it turns her on as she crushes all of them.) Here are some stylistic guidance based on my preferences, but would love to see Keri's own personal take on this character too :): Could the types of crushes be feet (heels), boob, butt, finger (not full hand), and vore?
Could Keri start with a sexy outfit with a tall pair of stiletto heels, then about 1/3 into the massacre, she changes into lingerie that shows off her butt/boobs and goes barefoot? She crushes some in groups, but also Exterminates some one at a time - after a tiny person is crushed/Exterminated, can their body be removed so we can slowly track the group down to the last person Could it be a mix of wide shots where you can see a lot of people and closeups so you can really see how small the people are compared to certain body parts (e.g., butt, boobs, finger, face) Lots of dialogue and teasing! Would love for Keri to really be evil, talking about how easy it is for her to crush them, how good it feels when their bodies pop, how tiny they are and how big she must look, etc. Also, a big fan of "fee, fi, fo, fum" (no need to add the rest of the rhyme haha) My favorite types of crushes are boob and butt crushes. For cleavage crushes, can we make sure that it is actually crushing between them, not just suffocation? For butt crushes, if they are on the ground, could she be on all 4s and lower her butt down as opposed to sitting down onto the ground with from a squat position? She can also bring some to a stool for butt crush (not a fan of couches though) For feet crushes, could it be a mix of stomps and slow crushes, with twisting sometimes so she can really savor the crush?

Can there be a couple scenes with closeups of the tiny people next to her face? Maybe one where she "goes down to their level", and a couple where she brings the tiny people in front of her face When it comes down to the last person, could she ask him for his name . She teases me and asks me how it feels to see all the other tinies get massacred. She starts teasing me on whether she should Exterminate me too a bit before picking me up and putting me in her cleavage. She starts massaging her boobs together and teases how easy she could crush me, before saying she'll let me live and keep me as her pet.

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