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Mom and daughter Kissing Growth

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Mom and daughter Kissing Growth
Running Time:
33 Minutes

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Tags: Growth, Giantess, sfx, booms, sound FX, mom/daughter, Keri Specrtrum, Vonka, feet, crush, MEGA, 60fps
Description :     This was a custom for an FX video of a mom and daughter. Mom teaches her daughter to grow. The growth and Giantess Scenes are simple but I added a lot of cool moments to it. The focus was on their kissing growth and mom teaching her daughter how to be a giantess. SFX, Sound FX. Boom sounds, Growth, mom/daughter Actual Request: Hello I'm looking for a custom video 30 to 40 minutes long with sfx and FX. It would be a mother and daughter growing to Giga size. It would be pretty much the mother sick of guys just wants to be over daughter and her daughter is Mommy's little girl and just wants to make her happy. So the mom wants to make both of them grow and teach your daughter how to be a good giantess. They would grow by kissing each other. They would grow two different heights like mini giantess, 50 feet, Mega and so on. The mom would teach her daughter how to crush stuff a different sizes with the ultimate goal that means so big they could crush countries the single foot step

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