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Darkheart Chronicles III - Insignificant (VR-360 stereo)

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Darkheart Chronicles III - Insignificant (VR-360 stereo)
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, feet joi, shrinking, VR360, virtual reality, sw, shrunken woman, micro, size compasisons, vore, mouth, tongue, hand-held, in-sandals, toes, joi
Description :     *****This video is a stereoscopic over-&-under VR360 projection. this means you won't only have a full 360 view, but also the illusion of 3D depth. please make sure you have a VR set and the right software to fully enjoy this experience!*****

You won't realize just how small you became when you'll open your eyes into the vast, bright lights of what seems like an enormous lab. you won't realize how small you are when you'll meet the other tiny man, trapped in the same, huge petri-dish just as you, terrified from what lurks in the shadows of his next breath. you won't even realize how small you are when you'll meet the beautiful, blonde, naked woman. she's huge compared to you, and could easily hold you inside her delicate palm...

but she herself was trapped inside a large glass tube. and as the earth itself begins to shake around you with the booming, thunderous steps of an approaching deity, you just begin to fathom.

Only then, when Darkheart arrives, you start to realize just how tiny you are.

Darkheart III is my biggest VR360 project up to date. it came out as a 75-minutes-long beast, and if you have a VR headset, you're up for a ride! inside, you'll find:

75 minutes long audio narration by the amazing April Would.

140+ rendered images in full VR360 stereo, 2560*2560 in resolution

A touch of Animated bonus scenes

Extreme size comparisons

Shrunken woman


foot fetish

Explicit sexual scenes




sole-mountain climb

toes wiggling


In-sandal pov

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