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Mistress of Dr Macro

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Mistress of Dr Macro
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: brandy city crush giantess crush vore feet booms shakes sfx hand held 60 fps
Description :     An evil power hungry woman whose growth formula worked and is wickedly destroying and crushing people. I love the wicked evil power tip attitude in those videos. Special Effects - No , no fires or dust. Maybe just some little plastic people. And your model city of course. A mix of skyscrapers and some of those houses you used in "Neighborhood Crush". Sound Effects - shaking and booming footsteps are a must. But, please no squish sounds when she steps on people. Costume - Pasties and a thong few very slow foot stomps right onto the camera. But my big request is that when she is talking it is less about how tiny everything is and more about how big she is. How much she loves that she grew and loves being a giant (or giantess, either one works). My "trigger words" are Big, Bigger, Huge, and especially Grow. She tells of her plans to continue growing and growing endlessly and how there is nothing that can stop her. Perhaps a hint of a growth scene at the end as she starts to get even more massive. But just a hint. For me It's all in what she says and the attitude. Also, as much wicked evil laughter as possible (again see "Miscalculation", "The Spawn Of Dr Macro" and "Neighborhood Crush"). Oh, and if she does mention her feet then please no "stinky, smelly, sweaty, dirty, etc."

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