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Indica accidental shrinkage VR 360 4K

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Indica accidental shrinkage VR 360 4K
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: pov, vr, 360, 4k, indica fetish, feet, boom sounds, in jar, in hands, cleavage, sex toy, erotic, vore, shoes, gianteee, small man
Description :     You snuck into Indicas house while she was working out and tried to shrink her but you spilled the potion on yourself. she chases you around with boom sounds and threatens to crush you like a bug. then she picks you up and she gets back toy her workout but you are now involved and your workout will be to avoid getting crushed. She does all kinds of stretches around you and your life is in the balance. then she picks you up and puts you in a glass while she showers then comes backla and puts you on coffee table and you get to worhip her feet. then she puts you in her boobs and talks starts using you as a sex toy to make her cum. Can you make her cum, your life depends on it. then she puts you in her mouth and almost eats you. Since you are all wet now she puts you back in the glass. But when she comes back you escaped and she searches for you and finds you and puts you in one of her shoes and guess what she is going to put them on with you in it and that is your end.

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