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Two girls and a Monkey SFX

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Two girls and a Monkey SFX
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, sfx, crush, golden monkey, suzi, blondzilla, feet, helicopter, vore, booms, shakes
Description :     Is it possible to do the following custom fx shoot? The model of choice is BlondZilla or Suzi Lorraine.

Can you have Suzi reprise the role of 'queen kong'(same attire). Start the shoot in the jungle where army thieves sneak up on queen Kong whilst she is sleeping and steal her precious golden monkey statue Have her wake up and look and realise it's gone and start beating her chest.

Then cut to the army hideout/compound where Queen Kong is searching for the statue. Have her meet simple resistance from army I.e tank/soldiers but no need to do too much. more focus on her searching for the statue and getting frustrated whilst beating her chest. She can say things like ' you can't hide it from me' and 'I'll find it'.

In the final scene have her fight helicopters. Queen Kong battle the helicopter, struggling to overcome it initially but succeeding in the end and reclaiming the golden monkey statue and put it her cleavage for safety.

We added a scene with Blondzilla where she is also looking for the Golden Monkey as it is the secret to staying gigantic.

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