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Gardons Rangers "Day of the Diva"

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Gardons Rangers "Day of the Diva"
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Tags: Giantess, Vore, Cosplay, SFX, City Fight, Giant Robots, Shrunken,
Description :     Zardons Cousin Gardon Sent his rangers to fight the Diva but his rangers are not trained as well as his cousin Zardons and they do not do so well against The Shrink Monster and wind up unable to escape Diva's box and all of them get eaten but Gardon regenerates them but eating the rangers gave Diva the power to grow so she uses it when she sees them regenerated and they have to activate MegaZord. A fight ensues and only one Ranger makes it out alive but he becomes a tasty snack and Diva and then she goes to the Headquarter and destroys Gardon and his headquarters so the rangers can never be regenerated again. Darenzia stars as Diva Toxin. 12min then 1min of outtakes so 13min total

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