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Kept Underfoot by Step Mom & Aunt VR 360 4K

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Kept Underfoot by Step Mom & Aunt VR 360 4K
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: vicky vixxx, brandon areana, soles, feet, foot fetish, stomping, female domination, taboo
Description :     Your step mom Brandon is so sick of dealing with you, she thought marrying your dad would be a great gig but no. You are just a pain in the ass. She has called her sister, your aunt Vicky over to help deal with you. They have decided to dispose of you under their huge giant soles. They first pick you up to taste you a bit. They might want to eat you instead but no, eating you isn't fun enough.Maybe sitting on you may be the answer? Their huge asses come crashing down on you engulfing you under their butts. The stain may be too much though, so they decide keeping you underfoot may be best after all!

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