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Cali Logan in Crush City

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Cali Logan in Crush City
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: Cali Logan, Crush, Giantess, City, feet, Shoes, booms, Shakes
Description :     This was a custom for a video with Cali Logan simply crushing SFX people in a city setting with open toe shoes and bare feet with wide and close shots but no POV. She crushes over 25 people and teases the city throughout as the helpless citizens have to watch or be crushed

I want a video with lots of crushing/stomping little people, smearing remains, (preferably with green screen moving people, not fake people) , don not care as much about the buildings/ cars. Lots of laughing, teasing, etc. Don not need POV, just a giantess around the city crushing a lot of people. Sometimes camera zoomed in on action or farther out is fine. Preferred barefoot and toed high heels.

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