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Teaching Brother

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Teaching Brother
Running Time:
21 Minutes

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Tags: vonka romanov, misty lovelace, giantess, giant woman, godess, amazons, pov, femdom pov, shrinking fetish, foot worship, foot fetish, humiliation
Description :     Vonka and Misty are sitting on the couch and you are Misty's little brother that has a crush on Vonka. Vonka asks if you would get something for everyone to snack on and you say no. Misty doesn't like your answer and feels like she should punish you. Not only humiliate you by telling Vonka that you have a crush on her but shrinking you down is the next best thing. Misty gives you the task of giving them foot massages and they better be good. Vonka is enjoying the slight caress that she feels from your foot massage, and Misty now wants you to give them a pedicure. You are shrunk down to size to give these two what they want. Vonka wants to take you home and snuggle you but Misty wants to train you some more so that you are ready for a goddess like Vonka. In the end they have shown you what they will do for further punishment and they seem to like how you taste.

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