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Devoured By Bellah Dahl 4K 360 VR

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Devoured By Bellah Dahl 4K 360 VR
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS, VIRTUAL REALITY - VR Keywords: bellah dahl, mean giantess, size fetish, macrophilia, vorarephilia
Description :     Naive, foolish tiny. What did you think would happen when lurking about homes that you have no business in? Did you believe because you're quite a small intruder, that you'd be able to get away with it unnoticed? That you adhere to a different set of rules and standards? Well you surely picked the wrong time to lurk about as Bellah Dahl is a carnivorous and hungry giantess who takes kindly to unwanted little strangers by scooping them up and sliding them down her throat towards her rumbling, empty stomach. It seems she hasn't had breakfast, nor lunch yet, as her mouth is practically watering once she catches sight of you. Unlucky for you it won't be a slow and painless journey, as Bellah Dahl loves to toy with and tease her food before scarfing it down...

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