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Digital contract - SFX Epic

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Digital contract - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot fetish, joi, shrunken woman, micro, ground shakes, vore, special-effects, toes, soles, in-nylons, planet-vore, growth
Description :     there's a secret internet site very few knows about. one extreme foot & shrinking enthusiastic was so obsessed with his fantasies, that he managed to grab a hold of the secret site's address. when he enters the site, a gorgeous, voluptuous woman (The amazing & sexy Russian Goddess, Daria, in her very first SFX Epic!) appears on his pc screen, mischievously claiming she could fulfill his deepest desires...if only He'll follow a few simple steps.

little does he know - but this "woman" is not exactly human, but a very powerful and malevolent entity. once he oblige, he get sucked into her realm, where she is practically a Goddess that can do just about whatever she wants. she feeds on strong emotions energies (such as fear, awe and sexual arousal) and her goal is to be powerful enough to be able to leave her plane and become a true GOD of other worlds, such as ours.

what's inside? some of the most Epic scenes I've ever created, among with classic SFX scenes! :

Foot-fetish/foot seduction (dirty feet, Joi, etc)

shrinking - multiple sizes till extreme-micro!

shrunken men & shrunken women!

foot worship

various crush scenes (toes, heel, finger)

vore (SW!) with pov, extreme tongue close-up, etc!

Fingernails tapping/finger held

In-nylons + pov

micro-shrink, toes climbing, toenails worship

an Insane scene of dying by being crushed under one grain of sand (as her wiggling toes showers a meteor-swarm-like rain of sand upon the poor, micro-man!)

some Growth scenes!!!

Planet vore!

SFX, ground shakes, pov, and more!

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