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Keri in Horny Giantess Attack VR 360 4K

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Keri in Horny Giantess Attack VR 360 4K
Running Time:
21 Minutes

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Tags: keri spectrum, giantess, building crush, building fuck, vr 360, 4k, virtual fuck, booms, echo/reverb
Description :     Type of video: 360 VR POV 20 minutes Lots of booms and Echo sounds.

Props Required: City setting 1 crotch high building for her to hump/grind. Lots of Booms.

every movement the giantess makes should be seductive and deliberate, and her body causes many deep reverberating booms. When the camera is being carried by the Giantess, her footsteps still quake and boom. Story Model’s voice only. No Male voice. ACT 1: 5 minutes The camera starts on top of the crotch-high building. The Giantess enters the town, her steps booming and shaking the city. She is here to play with city and hopefully satisfy her lust. Being so big, she has problems finding a truly satisfying orgasm. She seductively strolls around the city, taking great pleasure in each booming step. She talks about how big and sexy she is compared to the tiny humans. Sometimes she stops to play with her breasts or absentmindedly rub her crotch. Eventually she becomes too horny to control herself and she slowly makes her way to a building opposite of where the camera is. The giantess moans in pleasure as she humps the building, her gyrating hips and the passion of her body causes tremors to shake the city. Unfortunately for her, the building crumbles before she can find release. The giantess rises slowly, disappointed but still captured by the throes of her lust and turns to the camera. ACT 2: 5 minutes The giantess moans as she takes booming steps to the building, fondling her breasts along the way. Once she arrives, she begins to slowly hump the building, in an effort to keep from destroying the building too soon. She takes no notice of the human/camera as she grinds seductively against the building, her attention is solely on bringing herself to orgasm. The building begins to crumble under the weight of her gentle thrusts. Each one causing a tremor to ripple through the building. She absentmindedly reaches down and feels the camera, causing her to look down, but she doesn’t stop humping. She taunts the camera with her huge body as she gyrates against the building, but she strangely begins to feel attracted to the tiny man. She flirts and coos at him as she humps the building he is standing on, becoming hornier by the second as she watched him. Finally, she reaches down and picks the camera up, bringing it to her eye and checking him out closer. She likes what she sees and she begins to hump the building in earnest while making out with her new lover. Her lips exploring his entire being as she thrusts against the building. She ends up destroying the building as she cums and she reclines in the rubble, tired from her exertions but more than satisfied with her new lover. She gently kisses and licks him as she claims him as her new boyfriend. She can’t get enough of him. For some unknown reason, pleasuring her new lover is causing her to experience the same pleasure. Almost like a voodoo doll. After a moment of gentle playing, she plants a big kiss on the camera and sets it down the street. ACT 3: 5 minutes Letting out a little moan of pleasure the giantess slowly stands up and rises to her full height. She is a little shaky on her feet, still tired from her orgasm. Towering over her new boyfriend she teases and flirts with him about how giant she is. She compares him to the size of various parts of her. Her toes, her heels, her fingers, etc. She gets turned on by how huge she is. She reaches down and grabs her lover, bringing him up for a deep, passionate kiss. She remarks, almost dizzy from pleasure, that she feels so good. Even holding him is causing her tiny to get turned on, and their link is causing her to get turned on. She begins to walk, slowly and seductively around the city. Each one of her booming footsteps causing both the Giantess and Tiny to feel jolts of pleasure. She moans and flirts with him as she shows him just how massive she is, She tells him how she gets turned on by her booming steps, and how being a giantess makes her so wet. She dwarfs the buildings, and every graceful movement causes tremors below. During her sexy stroll she puts the camera into her cleavage, which causes an intense amount of pleasure to shoot through her giant body. The tiny is surrounded by her warmth and the comforting sound of her heartbeats, causing him to lose control and start fucking the giantess. She looks down in shock and wonder as another jolt of pleasure runs through her. Her little boyfriend is lost in his own lust, stuck in her breasts and has started to dry hump against her. The pleasure she is feeling is from his tiny thrusts. She moans as she continues to walk around the city. The combination of her thunderous steps, her sexy body and her tiny lover’s attempt to fuck her breasts is just making her more and more horny. She eventually stops and lets out a low sinful moan as her body convulses with pleasure. She locks eyes with her tiny lover as she cums while standing there with him in her breasts. ACT 4: 5 minutes The giantess breathes heavily as she brings her tiny out of her cleavage and back up to her eye. She is exhausted from cumming twice in such a short period, but happy that she has finally found someone that can satisfy her sexual cravings. She then notices that her little man is still massively erect. Her eyes widen as she realizes that he still has not cum. She is both filled with anticipation and a little fear as she sets him down on her tongue. The tiny instinctively begins to push against her tongue, humping her in an attempt to orgasm. She feels so good from this and moans sinfully, as her body reacts to her lover’s attention. She sits down in the street, kissing and licking the tiny cock of her boyfriend as she slowly loses control and falls back into her lust. She then holds him close to her face as she begs him to fuck her giant pussy. She needs to orgasm now more than ever, and she knows that when he finally cums that link between them is going to give her an intense amount of pleasure. Them both cumming together should give her the biggest and best orgasm of her life. She gently coos at him as she places him into her sex. He gets to work and she is immediately feeling great. Her body begins to buckle and gyrate from the pleasure, As the tiny man rides her waves of pleasure, she begs for him to cum. She moans as her lover kisses and caresses her clit, causing her to orgasm. She begs him more to cum, she needs to feel it. Her juices are starting to flow out of her and her giant body convulses in pleasure as she plays with her breasts, moaning for her man to cum. She begins to lick herself as she is lost in her passion as she orgasms again. She begs for his cum as she moans in ecstasy, her body’s gyrations causing an earthquake in the city. Finally, she can feel him release into her and the resulting ocean of pleasure washes over her massive body causing her to have multiple orgasms in succession. She breathes heavy and just moans in satisfaction for a bit, before reaching in and grabbing her lover. She is exhausted but happy and she thanks her tiny for satisfying her urges. She kisses him passionately before she slowly rises up, tired from so many orgasms. She continues to kiss and moan at him as she slowly walks, footsteps booming, to the next city and her next orgasm.

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