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The P5y-Lock Project

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The P5y-Lock Project
Running Time:
31 Minutes

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Tags: cali logan, vore, crush, sfx, boots, pov, city crush, airplane crush, train crush, booms
Description :     P5y-Lock has grown into a Giantess and is no longer on the Villian B team, She is now enemy #1. This video is all that is left of her attack on metro city and metro Air field. She eats people, crushes 15 cars, destroys 2 passenger trains, Destroys army, tanks and a helicopter and a bridge full of cars. Nobody could stop her but the A.M.F hopes these tapes can help them stop her next time but never mind that this video focuses on P5y-Lock's introduction as a Giantess that is unstoppable for now. lots of POV shots and building destruction.

Do not worry the music is just for the trailer.

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