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Micro Tourists Under Giantess Feet SFX

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Micro Tourists Under Giantess Feet SFX
Running Time:
18 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, crush, barefoot, crush fetish, long toenails, micro, tourists, sandals, pantyhose
Description :    

Tiny Tourists Under My Soles

I'm on vacation in a little village in Italy. First thing when I arrive is to enjoy the sun on the hotel's balcony. It's a beautiful quiet place and I'm surprised that there aren't any tourists. Prefect for relaxing. After a while I discover some itty-bitty tiny bugs. They are almost everywhere on the floor and even on the plants. I step on some of them with my sandals as I don't want them to invade my hotel room. It's really fun, so I remove my shoes as I want to feel the little bugs pop under my soft soles. I can barely feel them, so I finally remove my pantyhose as well and squash them barefoot underneath my huge toes.

When I have a closer look at the tiny bugs, I get surprised. The tiny creatures are real people! Probably the tiny tourists from the missing travel bus, as I heared in the news earlier?

Well, I really should go and get some help, but... All those tiny people helpless at my feet and nobody knows about them!? I just can't resist the temptation. I can easily squish them and nobody will ever find out. A little step here and slight careless move of my toes there and some more tiny tourists are crushed.

I just love that feeling of power and can't get enough of it. I can hardly imagine, how these little guys feel when my huge foot darkens the sky and my building-sized big toe grind them into the ground, but it turns me on.

So I continue hunting and squishing them beneath my feet, butt, breasts and hands. I also lick a couple from the table and vore them.

Squashing real people is the best relaxation I can imagine. The feeling of power is so overwhelming.

Join me on this exciting vacation trip. You will enjoy it, if you like:

  • real tiny people special effects
  • tons of barefoot crushes
  • many sandals crushes
  • nylon feet crushes
  • butt crushes
  • hand crush
  • breast crush
  • vore / tongue
  • foot worshipping
  • pov

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