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Nicks Overly Attached Moms Friend Shrinks him

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Nicks Overly Attached Moms Friend Shrinks him
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: pandora, taboo, shrinking, sfx, vore, ass smother
Description :     Nick wakes up to find himself on a giant white platform and he soon learns he is actually tiny and his moms friend Pandora has shrunk him and he tells her that she needs to leave him alone and stop obsessing over him just because they hooked up once. Pandora ignores him and begins to sit on him and she get off on it. Then she puts him in her mouth and he struggles for awhile and then Misty his girlfriend shows up and she tries to stop Pandora but is also shrunk and then when she realizes Pandora is going to eat her she runs but gets stuck in caramel and Pandora scoops her up and eats both her and the caramel. Finally she tell Nick he is now just her thong accessory and leaves with him dagling for life.

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