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Mom uses tiny son as stress ball

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Mom uses tiny son as stress ball
Running Time:
30 Minutes

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Tags: pov, mom, Keri Spectrum, cleavage, booty, hand held, feet, crush
Description :     KEri POV Custom

1st ten minutes:

Clip starts with Keri's tiny son Daniel waking up in her hand at once inch tall. She tells her son Daniel that she has had a rough day and really needs to let off some steam, so she's shrunken him down so she can hurt him. She asks Daniel if it is okay and he agrees. She starts out complaining about her day while choking, mashing him, and rough housing him in all sorts of ways (cleavage, hand, feet, butt, crotch, mouth, etc).

2nd ten minutes: After awhile she realizes that she is really starting to enjoy herself so she asks if she can be a bit rougher. She says she is going to really start to hurt him and that she might break some of his bones, but she will reward him in the end. Daniel agrees again and now she does it but a bit rougher, but now she is starting to think about how good he would feel if she really crushed him completely. Totally destroyed his little body and break all of his tiny bones. (cleavage, hand, feet, butt, crotch, mouth, etc again but rougher)

Final ten minutes: Keri has felt so good by doing this and felt so tempted to crush her son, she just wants to totally crush and destroy her tiny son. Mash him into guts, bone and all. She doesn't even bother asking for permission as she mashes him up slowly and in the most agonizing way possible (cleavage, hand, feet, butt, crotch, mouth, etc again but as rough and brutal as possible). After crushing his arms and legs, she decides that she can still give him a reward, so she rubs her tiny son against her cleavage to let him get off there before she crushes him (with a ten second countdown). After this, she thanks her son for letting her feel so happy, gives him a kiss, then finishes him off by ending him in the way of her choosing.

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