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Vivian and Miss Velvets in Dancing Tormentors

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Vivian and Miss Velvets in Dancing Tormentors
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: SFX, Giantess, Vivian, Velvets, Dancing
Description :    

Models: Would love to see Miss Vivian and Miss Velvet.

Scenario: Vivian and Jacquelin have a shrunken woman and decide to have fun with her.

1. Vivian and Jacquelin start out in jeans and t-shirts
2. They both walk into the room and immediately see the shrunken woman (g.i. joe size)
3. Jacquelin "There is our new toy"
Vivian whispers something into Jacquelin 's ear
Jacquelin laughs and smiles "That's a great idea"
Vivian down the woman "Don't go anywhere. We will be right back"
4. Vivian and Jacquelin come back into the room wearing robes. They both take off the robes and reveal they are wearing bikini's/bra and panties
5. Vivian "Come here little one" She bends down and picks up the woman. The Village of the Giants song comes on and they start to dance
6. Vivian and Jacquelin take turns dancing with the shrunken woman while dancing with each other
7. They both put the woman in their cleavage, while the other is behind and reaches around rubbing and pushing the others breasts together
8. The screen fades to black and comes back up with Vivian and Jacquelin both now topless (with pasties) and bottoms (bikini/panties)
9. Vivian "Where did she go?" Jacquelin "I shrunk her down even more"
10. Jacquelin holds out her hand to show the now even small woman (FX with real person)
11. Music starts again and they start to dance
12. Both push their breasts together and put the woman right in between. Camera zooms in and you see the shrunken woman in between their giants breasts
13. Jacquelin puts the shrunken woman hanging from her hair as they continue to dance
14. The woman falls and lands of one of vivian pasties
15. Camera zooms in and you see her hanging on
16. Woman eventually falls down to the waistband of Vivian bottoms
17. Camera zooms in and you see she is hanging on for dear life as she continues to dance
18. Vivian "I want to try that" Vivian reaches over and grabs the tiny woman and puts her on the waistband on her bottoms as she continues to dance
19. After a bit Jacquelin grabs the woman and puts her on Vivian's pasty
20. After a bit the camera kind of zooms in and you Jacquelin 's enormous hand fondle Vivian's other breast while you still see the tiny woman hanging on the other one
20. After a bit Jacquelin licks the tiny woman off of Vivian's pasty
21. You see the tiny woman in Jacquelin 's mouth
22. Jacquelin spits her out into Vivian's hand
23. Jacquelin "I got just the right place to keep her"
24. Jacquelin turns around and bends over as if she is going to pick up something. Meanwhile Vivian sneezes and the tiny woman goes flying through the air. She ends up falling right down the back of Jacquelins underwear. Jacquelin gives a shout of surprise and says "I guess that place is good as well. How about you squirm a little for me"


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