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Keri and Lydia in Urban Shutdown 2

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Keri and Lydia in Urban Shutdown 2
Running Time:
24 Minutes

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Tags: MEGA, giantess, Keri Spectrum, Lydia, feet, booms, shakes, sfx, sound fx, farting implied, boob crush, ass crush, hand crush, feet crush,
Description :     Details. In this custom I am seeking Keri Spectrum and Lydia as massive MEGA giantesses destroying 6 paper cities. Length is 20-25 minutes. Keri is wearing a sports bra, shorts, and a thong underneath. Lydia is wearing a bra and a thong.

City 1. Keri and Lydia announce their arrival. They stand and look at the first city, with hands on their hips. The ladies talk smack to the city. Some cursing at it. The city thinks it is better than everything else, even Keri and Lydia. This angers the ladies. Lydia calls the city corporate trash. Then, each of the ladies stomps on a building. They get on their knees and each crushes a building with their hands. Keri points out the city looks like garbage now. Lydia says it is not putting up much of a fight. Keri decides to put the final touches on the city. She gets into push up position and crushes the rest of the city with her boobs. Keri and Lydia both laugh at the city in ruins and mock it out. Lydia pounds the ruins.

Cities 2 and 3. The next two cities are positioned next to each other. Keri and Lydia approach them. Keri points out they are a “twin” city. She says she will take one of them and Lydia will take the other. Lydia has a great idea that what one does to their city, the other should mimic with the other. Lydia starts bragging about her boobs. Keri agrees and tells her to crush buildings with them. Keri and Lydia each pick up 2 buildings from their cities and smash them in their cleavage. They then each take 2 more buildings from each city and smash them in their hands. Lydia wants to show off her ass. She gives her city a stinkface, sticking her butt in the city. Keri comments how big Lydia's butt is and encourages her to butt crush the rest of her city 3. Lydia turns around and sits on the rest of the city, crushing it with her butt. Lydia smells the ruins, commenting how bad they stink. Keri then turns to her city. Lydia encourages her to crush the rest of it with her big boobs. Keri states she has been dying to give a city the “big tits discount”. Keri gets into push up position and smashes the rest of the city several times with her boobs. she sticks the ruins in her cleavage and further smashes them, before they move on to the next city.

City 4. Keri and Lydia stomp to the next city. Lydia points out this city is the cleanest city in the world. Keri says it is time to dirty it up. Lydia has the perfect idea, to stink up the city. Lydia turns around, squats over the city, and pretends to fart a few times on the city. Keri laughs. Then Keri comments, “Eww and it stinks!!” and she waves the smell away from her nose with her hand. Lydia laughs. Lydia pulls up 2 buildings. She takes them and holds them up next to her butt, comparing them. Keri says her butt is way bigger than the buildings. Lydia then sets them next to the city. Then she turns around and butt crushes them. Keri laughs. She picks up a building a sticks it in her shorts between her crotch. Lydia pulls up a building and smashes it in her hands. She tells Keri that she should finish the city off. Keri decides she is going to crush it with her butt. She first gives it the stinkface, turning around and squatting over it, and making the city smell her butt. She says, “My spandex ass will demolish you.” And she sits on the city, crushing it.

City 5. Keri and Lydia talk about their destruction so far, how much damage they have caused, and what the next two cities are in for. Keri says she wants to do more butt crushing. Keri pulls up 2 buildings, placing them next to the city. She turns around and crushes them with her butt. Lydia grabs the tallest building and smashes it against her crotch, laughing. Keri and Lydia get down and closely examine the city. They discuss whether it would survive Keri's massive butt. Keri says it is about to get serious, and takes of her shorts, revealing her thong. She proceeds to turn around, and butt crush the rest of the city as Lydia cheers her on.

City 6. Keri and Lydia compare the size of each other's butts before the final city. Keri says it's time to dirty it up. Lydia tells Keri to fart on it. Keri turns around, squats over the city, and farts on it. Lydia says it really stinks, even worse than hers. Keri says it was all the protein she ate, one of her protein farts. Lydia says, “Keri, it was a giant stink bomb! Eww!” Lydia waves the smell away. Lydia pulls up 2 buildings and crushes them against her crotch. Keri pulls up 2 buildings and smashes them between her boobs. Her and Lydia decide to combine for a final butt crush. They squat over the city side-by-side and sit on the city to totally crush it.  

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