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Nikki's victims - Unaware (?) - SFX Epic

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Nikki's victims - Unaware (?) - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, pov, ground shakes, special effects, unaware, crush, toes
Description :     There has been a mysterious shrinking Epidemic in the country, causing only human male species to dwindle down into the size of tiny ants, and almost uncontrollably attracted to beautiful women's feet. Nikki heard about the virus, yet she had no idea her very own house will be infested so quickly!

The first part of the video is completely unaware, as Nikki roams her house, oblivious to the insect-sized men sprawled at her gigantic feet. every step she takes makes the very earth tremble and collect another poor, helpless, crushed victim.

And then, she finally notice them...

This is the first Epic SFX video I'm releasing from my INSANE Florida shooting spree. a ton more to come, eventually! it was filmed as a custom clip (No specific names has been used). if you like the unaware - into - aware theme, feet, and my style of shooting and special-effects, hop aboard - you'll enjoy this one for sure :).

Unaware giantess


special effects

ground shakes/booming sounds

foot fetish/feet/toes close-ups


dangling (and flip-flop crush)

size comparisons

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