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A stain under my perfect sole - VR360

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A stain under my perfect sole - VR360
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot fetish, toes, vore, vr360, princess ivory, pov, crush
Description :     You wake up, dazed and shocked, to behold the most beautiful and at the same time - most terrifying view you've ever seen. your deepest fantasy has been incarnated into reality right in front of your wide-open eyes; you are a tiny man right next to the immense soles of the one and only Princess Ivory, the very object of your dreams and desires. you thought it was going to be just a game, but she is a real giantess now, next to your puny body...she's taking fantasies very seriously...

Ivory knows that you fantasize about being crushed under her sweaty, perfect soles. she teases you senseless, threatening to turn you into her snack and taunting you with her sexy, braces-adorned mouth. when you're almost losing hope and accepting the fact that she's going to devour you alive, she gives you exactly what you TRULY want...

This Insane VR360 video was filmed as a custom (a name is being used throughout the video). Ivory is simply mind-blowing, and if you're into Feet and the top-of-the-food-chain merge of talent and beauty, look no further and get this video!

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