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Taking over Agent-X - SFX Epic

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Taking over Agent-X - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, unaware, micro, special effects, foot fetish, ground shakes, crush, butt crush, vore, body roaming, mind control, pov, nudity
Description :     Gorgeous Goddess Nyxon is Agent-X, a sexy superheroine that takes care of the city's notorious villains. she come back home after a long and tiresome day in the streets, ready to eat something and take her power-nap.

some of her adversaries, though, got other plans in mind.

The villains have found a way to take Agent-X out of the way. they developed a special device that will allow them to take over her, controlling her mind and thus - turning her and her powers into a tool in their hands! the only problem is - enough of them have to enter her body in order for the mind-control to work.

As Agent-X arrive home, she has no clue that her house is infested with shrunken villains, just waiting for the right moment to roam her body and infiltrate her brain. some of them might risk their own lives during the journey - but for them, the final outcome justifies the price.

This is the second huge SFX project I'm releasing from My Florida shooting sprea. it contains a ton of unaware scenes, crushes, ground shakes, body roaming, nudity, feet, tiny people jumping into Nyxon's immense vagina and others running right into the caves of her massive nose. this was originaly filmed as a custom video, and I've put a lot of effort into it - so Enjoy this one :)

unaware giantess

ground shakes/stomps

crush (feet, butt, etc)

vore (cereal and more)

body roaming

soles climbing


nudity (tits, vagina)


tiny-people sniffed into nose


special effects

sound effects

Studio Updates