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Valora in shrunken people snack time

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Valora in shrunken people snack time
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, pov, vore, sound fx
Description :     Muffin can be part broken up with tinies on top to imply that they are trying to steal some of her food.

Model walks in, not noticing as she steps on some tiny people. She sits down. Begins to eat the muffin, eating several tiny people. On her second bite she hears some tiny screams but is unsure where it's coming from. After her third bite she spots the tiny people. She talks to them and realizes that she has eaten people. It tastes great, so she continues to eat. Taunting them and telling them they are no bigger than ants.

Eating some more with tinies. From here she just eats the remaining people off the plate and coffee table. Lots of close ups (mixed with some views as a tiny person would see it from the coffee table. Eating tinies in ones and twos or in groups (mix it up).

Once the tinies on the table have been finished, walk over the last handful on the floor (tiny persons view), compare the tinies to the size of her heels. Placing her foot over the group, then pick them up and eat them.

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