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The trial

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The trial
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, feet, foot fetish, toes fetish, toenails, joi, soles, wrinkles, cum countdown, tongue, mouth, tiny man
Description :     Beautiful Lady Orias is an all-powerful deity. a true admirer of her managed to shrink himself down and find his way into her lair. he was willing to risk his very life just to become her eternal, tiny foot-slave.

The very ground shakes as Orias arrives with all her glory. the tiny man is paralyzed with fear and excitement. Orias sees him taunt, asking him if he's aware that no one has survived the three phases of her test. she wiggle her massive toes over his puny body, and seeing that he is persistant, she grants him the option to commit to her foot-worship trial.

there are 3 phases to the test. the first one is to lick her enormous, sweaty soles, nibbling at her massive wrinkles. the second test will be to survive in between her gigantic toes, eating the very divine toe-jam! the last phase will be to see if he can survive under her toenails! no one has even came close to that!

The tine man is up for a hell of a worship. if he survivesm Orias will not only grant him an orgasm that he'll never forgot - but also grant him an eternal life as her devoted toe-slave!

This video may not be SFX, but it's sure is Epic! if you like miniature-based concept with one of the sexiest, most beautiful ladies around, look no further and enjoy this one! the video was filmed originaly as a custom clip.

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