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Giantess Cali Has to pee

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Giantess Cali Has to pee
Running Time:
18 Minutes

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Tags: vore , giantess , cali logan
Description :     Could you have Cali be a giantess in a cardboard city, she starts out a nice person but then slowly turns bad, and she keeps saying she has to pee but doesn’t  literally do it . So the story is she starts out a nice normal height girl , she tries out a new spray shampoo, but it has side effects, it makes her grow, makes her hungry for tiny people, turns her evil and she has to go to the bathroom. She’s a very nice person but slowly turns bad. Can you have her wear a tank top and yoga pants. Please have her say Shampoo allot cause i think its a funny word, and Pee too. So it starts her bathroom is out of order, she has to pee really bad, she just got the spray shampoo she ordered, its  a new shampoo that you don't have to be in the shower for, she puts it in her hair but it has side effects, it makes you grow to 100 ft tall, she starts growing, she breaks through the roof, she stops at 100 feet, she sees she’s bigger then the whole city, she’s   panicky, confused and frightened, scared that she’s  going to hurt someone.  She accidentally stepped on some buildings and people,  she apologizes  a lot. But  there's another side effect of the shampoo, it makes you very hungry, her stomach growls allot, her brain is telling her to eat and eat and eat, it tells her to eat the people, and she looks down at the people and she try’s  to  resist but she starts eating them, and she feels so guilty about it, she’s  upset and she’s crying, she  keeps saying sorry to the people but she can't stop eating them, she still has to pee, she keeps saying she has to pee then she does the dance, Then the shampoo messes more with her mind, soon she enjoys eating people and destroying buildings.

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