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Unaware Invasion Part 3 - The Final Battle

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Unaware Invasion Part 3 - The Final Battle
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: Keri Spectrum, feet, crush, pov, MEGA Giantess, Cat Fighting, Fantasy Wrestling, booms, shakes
Description :     LET THEM FIGHT! OK, So this is not really much of an unaware video.  It is the Conclusion of the two other Previous Unaware Videos.  The Aliens from the Planet Micropolis are at war with the Planet Minitopia and in part 1 they took over a Human host with the plan to destroy Minitopia but Minitopia found out and went to earth to get a Giantess host of their own in part 2.  Part 3 opens with about 1min of recap of the last 2 parts then 3min of tiny Minitopians getting crushed by Jamie then Keri shows up and Final Battle begins. The rest of the video is a MEGA Giantess battle like no other.

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