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In the Home of a Goddess

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In the Home of a Goddess
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: crush, pov, giantess, shoes, vore, handheld
Description :     POV, some editing. Booming footsteps, ground shakes and a little bit of slow motion. Probably 10-11 minutes long?

BlondZilla wears a sort of Goddess costume and gladiator sandals (or something similar).

BlondZilla wants to play God, playing out a fantasy.She's shrunken a bunch of her coworkers/students/bystanders in her house. (I'm not sure which would be better?). I was hoping she could play it very loud and commanding but also sort of clumsy and not great at it. Throughout the video she describes herself in a thematic fashion, using words like "Huge" "Gigantic" "Colossal" etc or describes half as a Titan or God. Sort of hyping herself up.

First scene, she walks from one end of the room towards the camera, low angle POV. Slow motion, ground shakes and booming steps. She announces herself to the tiny people as their new God, laughing. Commenting on how big she must look. She takes a powerful stance, towering over them. She says she's not pleased with some of them and steps on a few with high, slow stomps. She tells one to not run away and goes to pick them up, the camera tries to back away but she grabs them. She lifts it to her face, trying to hear their tiny voice, asking if they're begging for mercy. She realizes what they're saying and sighs, saying "No, (insert name). I'm not BlondZilla. I'm a God" and crushes them with her hand or finger.

Next scene, low angle POV at her feet. She stands over them commanding them to worship or clean her massive feet. After a bit more talking she loudly says "I'm hungry!" and bends down and picks up a car in one hand and the camera in the other. She lifts them to chest height. She goes to eat the car, tries to chew and spits it out disgusted. She looks down at the camera and says "I guess you'll have to satisfy your giant god, (insert name)." She then lifts the camera up high and slowly lowers it into her mouth, eating them. Eyes and mouth wide with anticipation.

Next scene (low angle POV) she looks down and sees her tiny people further away. She gets mad, telling them not to ignore her. She hypes herself up and stomps over to them, she quickly leans down to yell at them and loses balance, crashing boobs first onto the camera. (Booms and ground shakes obviously)

Next scene, (low angle POV) BlondZilla is face down, ass up. The camera is behind her. She says something about that begin embarrassing. She sits up, the camera moves out of the way, her ass landing with a huge boom. She lets out a huge fart. The camera starts to move away from her. Exasperated, she says she's done being a goddess for today. She stands up, turns around and with booming footsteps walks out, unawarely crushing the POV underfoot.

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