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VR 360 4K New Slave for a Giantess

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VR 360 4K New Slave for a Giantess
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: vr360, Loryelle, giantess, gts, foot worship, butt crush, butt smother, ass smother, foot fetish, close-ups
Description :    

Giantess Slave Training

Loryelle wants to get rid of her current tiny foot slave Franky. He was a helpful tiny toy the last weeks. But now Giantess Loryelle is bored by her old pet and so she decided to shrink another guy to the size of ½ inch. This tiny speck should take Franky’s Job.

Nevertheless Franky had some good methods to satisfy his giant mistress, what Loryelle does not want to miss. Goddess Loryelle orders Franky to teach the new guy all waysof worshipping and satisfying his giant Mistress.

Franky shows the new tiny speck how to lick Goddess Loryelle’s titanic soft soles and mountainous toes. Loryelle’s new slave also gets a lesson in booty and boobs worshipping.

Meanwhile Goddess Loryelle is very horny. She teases and humiliates her two slaves with her feet, boobies and her ass.

Will she keep both of her tiny slave or get rid of them? Become a part of the story and find out about their fate.

You will enjoy this immersive vr360 clip, if you like:

  • giantess bare feet
  • pov foot worship
  • giantess ass
  • female masturbation
  • ass smother
  • panty worship
  • panty entrapment
  • stunning pov shots and close-ups

Please note: This VR 360° video requires a special virtual reality media player software, such as the free Go Pro VR Player for your computer. Just search for it on the net. For a much more immersive giantess experience a virtual reality headset is strongly recommended.


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