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A meticulous pedicure freak - SFX Epic

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A meticulous pedicure freak - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, unaware, foot fetish, toes, pedicure, toenails, micro, shakes, special-effects, pov
Description :     Ever since she dated a true foot-freak, Vicky Vixxx couldn't help but become one herself. she got rid of him, but the obsession about keeping her feet and toes in flawless shape stuck around.

As Vicky takes care of her pedicure, rumbling to herself about what a pedicure freak she became, she has no idea that her perverted Ex is watching her! he was so obsessed with her and with her feet, that he used his knowledge in chemistry and actually SHRUNK himself down to the size of a bug! this way, he thought he could creep close to the object of his desire without getting caught.

Alas...Vicky eventually notices him, and after the initial shock fades off, she decides to give him exactly what he wished for!

Yet another Epic SFX video from my INSANE Florida shooting spree. feet, toes,unaware-into-aware and micro lovers - this one is for you! Vicky Vixxx is just perfect!

Unaware giantess


toes/toenails close-ups

special effects


foot fetish/feet/toes close-ups


size comparisons

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