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Inside Anastasia's socks - VR360

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Inside Anastasia's socks - VR360
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, socks, in-socks pov, toes, toenails, joi, cum countdown
Description :     Ever since you broke up with Anastasia, you can't stop thinking about her. your obsession brings you to the borders of insanity and despair, and in one last (and stupid) attempt, you actually manage to shrink yourself and sneak into her house. all you wish is to get another close look at the object of your obsession...and especially...at her magnificent feet!

Unfortunately, she finds you. after the initial shock is gone, she chose to tease the hell out of you, covering you with her smelly socks and then taking them off and wiggling her french-pedicured toes all over you! Do you think that's enough? well, Anastasia decides to push the limits and actually DROP YOU INTO HER SOCK! her toes creep right in, and she encourages you to stroke your bulging, raging cock! this might be the most intense orgasm of your life...and the very last one, so you better enjoy it!!!

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