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VR 360° 4K Wrath of the Desert Goddess

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VR 360° 4K Wrath of the Desert Goddess
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: vr360, Loryelle, giantess, gts, foot fetish, close-ups, panty entrapment, pov, foot worship, house crush, crush, toy car, butt tease, breast tease
Description :    

New Life as a Settler

You have enough of your boring apartment, your city, your 9 to 5 job. It's time for a real adventure. So you decide to to try something completely new. After checking different options you decide to settle somewhere in the wild, far away from civilisation. All on your own and close to nature. You build up your new home in a desert region and plan to live at your own rules. This will be just perfect.

Giantess Crushing Your Car and Home

Suddendly the ground shakes. It must be an earthquake! You leave your new house and get shocked by what you see: a beautiful barefoot giantess walking towards you with huge steps. Unfortunately she's not in the mood you'd wish for. You've made a really big mistake. You've settled on the terretory of goddess Loryelle without her permission and she won't tolerate it. You're such a tiny guy compared to her. Smaller than her pinky toe, you're nothing more than a worthless bug compared to her. First thing she does is grinding your car deep into the sandy desert ground with her big toe. Now your only chance to ever get back to civilisation is lost. As if this weren't enough she crushes the few trees around your house, devastates your garden with her huge feet, where you have planned to grow some vegetables, before she finally starts crushing your home. The small house you've built is sturdy, but only half the size of Loryelle's huge sole and won't resist for long. Helplessly you have to watch your small home crack and burst under the heavy stomps of giantess Loryelle's mighty heel. Only ruins and rubble is left, when she's finished. But the nightmare doesn't end there for you.

At the Mercy of a Giant Goddess

The desert goddess takes you in between her huge soles and forces you to worship her beautiful giantess' feet. You have to do as your new goddess demands, always in fear of being smushed beneath her huge feet at any time. She has fun teasing you with that. Giant goddess Loryelle gets horny by humiliating you with her giant feet, so she buries out your car and drops it into her panty. Then she starts to pleasure herself with it, while you have to look. She teases you with her sexy feet and butt. She also grants you a ride between her mountainous boobies. Unfortunately the fun she has with you as her tiny helpless toy, doesn't last for long, so she treats you like the tiny meaningless bug that you are to her. With a last scream you get crushed under Loryelle's big toe.

An Immersive Giantess Adventure You Don't Want to Miss

You will enjoy this gts vr clip, if you like the idea of being a tiny settler, who becomes the little toy of a giantess after she has destroyed your home and all your belongings.

  • many beautiful barefoot pov close-ups
  • mean giantess
  • tiny house and car crush
  • sexy butt teasing
  • boobs teasing
  • female masturbation
  • unique desert atmosphere

Please note: This VR 360° video requires a special virtual reality media player software, such as the free Go Pro VR Player for your computer. Just search for it on the net. For a much more immersive giantess experience a virtual reality headset is strongly recommended.


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