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Keri has the power to shrink SFX

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Keri has the power to shrink SFX
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: sfx, giantess, keri spectrum, kissing, shrinking, pov, cleavage, vore, handheld,
Description :     You’re talking to your boyfriend. You have the power to shrink him. First you ask if he’s ready to have some fun then you shrink him. You act like your going to step on him and tease him a little for being so small. You tell him to jerk off to you and continue to keep telling him to jerk off through the whole video. Then you pick him up and kiss him and apologize and say you won't hurt him and give him a kiss. Then you stick him in between your breasts and squeeze them together and smother him. You know how much he loves your boobs and since he’s jerking off you tell him don’t make a mess down there and then laugh. You take him back out and then dangle him with your fingers in front of you. Then you lick him and tease him like your going to eat him. You then put him in your mouth and swish him around a little and then spit him out into your hand and laugh. You smile and love that he continues to keep jerking off to you. You keep holding him your hands and holding him by your fingers because you know how much he loves it. You put him down on a table and then tell him that he’s now your tiny little pet and you start telling him to do tricks like spinning around and roll over. Every time he does a trick you keep saying good boy. After that you pick him back up and hold him in your hand and you tell him to cum for you. He finally cums for you and you tell him he’s a good boy for finally coming. Then you tell him that you like him small and you want to keep him that way as your tiny boyfriend forever. You give him a kiss and say don't worry I love you and will never cheat on you. You then put the tiny man in a jar or cage and tell him that you’re putting him there to keep him safe. Then you say i can't wait to have more fun with you. Also call the tiny man Michael. I’m not really good at this so feel free to add more please! I love giantess. I love seeing them tease and being held in their beautiful hands and dangling the shrunken man with their fingers. I would like a lot of special effects with interacting with the shrunken man. 

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