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Vivian in Girlfriends Revenge SFX

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Vivian in Girlfriends Revenge SFX
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: Vivian, Keri, Vonka, sfx, shrunken woman, sex toy, revenge, kept as pets, cleavage, booms, shakes
Description :     Would a clip starring Vivian, Keri, and Vonka be possible where Vivian comes home to find twins Keri and Vonka making out on her bed, frustrated but curious, she shrinks them both down climbing on the bed after stripping to her bra or boobs with pasties on, and panties giving the tiny couple a view of her breasts, and tells them they can either help her relax by pleasing her body with sex, or be tossed in the trash, to which they agree to work together as three inch tinies to pleasure her from her breasts to inside her panties, when they finish, Vivian sets them on her boobs and puts her bra on as they are kept as pets.

Please do mostly FX and just a little POV..

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