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Cali Logan Neighborhood crush VR180 3D 4k

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Cali Logan Neighborhood crush VR180 3D 4k
Running Time:
14 Minutes

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Tags: cali logan, pov, giantess, house crush, shoes, VR180, 3d, 4k
Description :     POV clip where you are the cheating boyfriend that the giantess wants to catch/crush. If you could use that 180 degree VR camera and have her chasing you around the city with you looking back and seeing her casually crushing houses/props/people as she chases you. You try to hide behind some of the houses but she crushes them and you are forced to run off to the next. Lots of blocking running paths/ forcing the tiny boyfriend to change directions and run away and look back to see houses. A little bit of walkover as well if she loses you for a second as well as a little bit of standing over you and trapping you between her two heels as you have to turn around and find another path. Also if she is close to you but loses you she may crush a house right next to you to check. Basically a giantess chase video through the neighborhood with some dialogue about how you cant hide and how she could easily destroy the place to find you.

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