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The most erotic experience of your life - VR360

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The most erotic experience of your life - VR360
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Tags: Vr360, shrinking, foot-fetish, in-socks, joi
Description :     Jasper broke up with you a month ago, and since then - you just can't stop thinking about her. your obsession with her perfect feet just won't let go...and that's why you went into some extreme measures...

and shrunk yourself down...and snuck into her house...and chose to hide in her enormous shoe.

She finds you. she's going to give you the most Erotic experience of your life.

If you got a foot-fetish, and a shrinking fetish (and if you're here, you probably share them both) - get this video. just make sure your heart is healthy and strong, because it's going to be intense, maybe beyond anything else you've ever experienced.

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