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Micrososm - Fulfilled - SFX

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Micrososm - Fulfilled - SFX
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, foot worship, sfx, shrinking, micro-shrink, joi
Description :     A true foot-freak had the honor of visiting a very known Mistress, wishing to fulfill his deepest worship fantasies. by "deepest", he was only thinking about his realistic fantasies of simply serving her and worshiping her divine feet.

As the excited foot slave slobbers all over her feet, Ashlynn keeps digging into his brain, eventually having him confide in her and tell her about his "stupid shrinking fantasy". stupid - because it's something that could never take place in real life.

Or so he thought...

This one is for foot fans which are also enthusiastic about micro-shrink. I've used some special equipment to get pretty extreme close-ups on Ashlynn perfect toes and toenails, and The shrinking is quite extreme on that one :-). yet another Gem from the fabled Florida shooting spree!

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